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September 22, 2014

X-rays of the weird things that vets find inside pets

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September 14, 2014

Wolves cooperate but dogs submit

"Scientists have long debated how humans turned wild wolves into domesticated dogs. Several have hypothesized that people selected wolves that were especially cooperative, and continued to develop that trait when breeding the first dogs, thus creating animals that are eager to work with us."


Dogs don't have to cooperate to survive. Just do what you're told and the big tall guys will feed AND let you reproduce. If not, well then, you are out of the gene pool--probably immediately and brutally, given the time when dogs were likely to have been created.

September 11, 2014

What Cats And Dogs Are Swallowing

"A Great Dane who was taken to an emergency animal hospital in February after consuming 43-and-a-half socks not only survived his ordeal, but has gone on to appear in Veterinary Practice News as one of the winners of the magazine’s annual X-ray contest. The Associated Press subsequently picked up on the story of the 3-year-old male from Portland, Oregon (who remained anonymous)."

September 06, 2014

Tuesday lost on Friday, September 5, 2014

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The picture is of a 5 month old black Lab named Tuesday, missing from the Concord Ave/ Royal Ave area of Cambridge, Massachusetts, on Friday 5 Sept. The dog has a collar and tags and is tattooed. Please call 617-909-9855 with any sightings or other information.

Aggie needs a forever home

Aggie has a forever home!

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From: "Reed C"


I write with hopes that you can help me find a new home for Aggie, the 3 year-old beagle/ (coonhound?) mix that I have been fostering now for eight months. Pictures attached!

As most of you know, I adopted Aggie for my father while home in Mississippi. When my dad rejected her, I tried to return her to the shelter only to find that they had an 80% kill rate. So I brought her to Boston, where the drama began.

Aggie has had a hard time since arriving here. It turns out she had heart worms, which required 16 weeks of treatment while confined to a kennel. She then went into heat (what an adventure- so hot to trot!). She also had some behavioral problems and has undergone a lot of training in order to address them.

She's ready! Can you help me get her straight from my home to a new home? I am determined that she should never feel abandoned again, so I would hate to have to relinquish her to a shelter. Challenges:

* Aggie would be happiest in the country or in a house with a yard. While her training has taken her a long way, city streets make her anxious and she will unpredictably lunge at passersby.
* She likes to be part of a pack. Other dogs in the home would be a plus. I am not sure how she feels about cats.
* Aggie gets along well with people young and old under most circumstances. However, she still has a reactive streak. In new situations (after a car ride, for example, to an unfamiliar place), she should be kept on a short leash and minded carefully.

Aggie is spayed, house trained and kennel trained. She is playful and affectionate. She does't bark that much- only if she sees something marvelous (a rabbit!). If left home alone, she will bark for five minutes in protest.

Please spread the word far and wide, in search of an experienced dog owner with a soft spot for beagles/ hounds! Potential owners should fee free to contact me- Reed Cochran- at this email address: or by phone (617) 970-.

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