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September 16, 2012

Jones, first visit to Fresh Pond Reservation, September 13, 2012

Jones is a first time visitor to Fresh Pond Reservation. In the slideshow he is shown with his friends Madison (occasional standin for Triumph, the Insult Comic Dog) and Jasper.

Click here for the Jones slideshow

September 11, 2012

Sam was a friend of mine...

Remembering Sam December 19, 1997 - June 21, 2012

Our beloved dog Sam passed away mid morning on June 21, 2012. His passing was peaceful and gentle. Sam was born in Connecticut on December 19, 1997. Jade Hobson and Martin Charnin gave Sam to Zoe for her sixth birthday. Sam was always sweet, always charming, and sometimes goofy. He was a wonderful friend to us and to our cat Bugsy. When Sam was young he loved to swim, ride the waves at Lucy Vincent Beach, and wasn’t averse to having one or two people ride with him, on his back no less! He was very strong, and a great swimmer. He also loved to play ball, and could smell, and retrieve, a tennis ball half a mile away – even when it was in the ocean!

One Thanksgiving Sam jumped up onto the dining room table, grabbed a turkey leg and made off with it. He pulled a similar heist in France when he jumped on to an unsuspecting waiter who was walking by with a tray of salami; Sam quickly gobbled up two of them. When Sam jumped into the hotel pool guests were astonished, and management yelled “Pas de chien dans le piscine!” It took Sam sometime to climb out of the pool by way of the ladder. Thank goodness the French love dogs!

Sam was always very protective toward Zoe. Once when Zoe playfully dove off Jumping Rock, a cliff in Little Squam Lake, he quickly jumped in after her, concerned that she needed to be saved. Together they swam happily to shore. Sam loved music, and would howl along with Zoe as she practiced the violin – always in tune, and always proud of the music they made together.

As an older dog Sam was just very sweet and always loving. He mainly enjoyed the company of friends, neighbors and family – his extended pack. He enjoyed delicious food up until his last moments. Even as an old dog Sam had an excellent memory, especially for people who had taken him for a walk, given him a treat, scratched his ears or shown him some tenderness. Sam loved Lexington Avenue. He loved the people of Lexington Avenue, the dogs, and the endless supply of treats offered by kind neighbors.

When Sam was young, he was full of life, love and escapades, and when he was older, full of sweetness and vulnerability. Sam was a wonderful dog; we loved him, and we are grateful for every moment we shared with him. We will miss him terribly and will always remember our dear, sweet Sam.

On June 22, 2012, in the backyard of our home, a baby screech owl perched on a low hanging wire, lingering, as if to remind us of the magic of Sam.

Love, Zoe and Patricia

Click here to see my photos of Sam at Fresh Pond Reservation.

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