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April 28, 2012

Should Your Dog Be Watching TV?


April 26, 2012

Angus is gone...

he said with some difficulty, a slight stumble, and tears in his eyes. That was Wednesday afternoon, April 11, 2012, when his dad told me he was gone. Angus was one of my oldest, best dog friends. Year round, year after year, he and his 80+ year old people walked here nearly every day. We often met on the path around the reservoir. Angus always came running towards me on spotting me, no matter the distance. But that last Wednesday was, it seemed, the only day he ever turned down a cookie. You can see Jasper and him in this photo, Angus in the background, shaved parts of his body for the injections and examinations he'd experienced over the last few weeks. He ignored me, the cookie, Jasper, and the ball, to find a stick, or a piece of poison ivy, to chew on. This photo was taken the afternoon of April 4, 2012. And now he's gone. The name Angus eventually became appropriate, or so it seemed to me, as he ate so much vegetation, including grass, poison ivy, twigs, and even whole branches, if his owners stopped to talk, giving him time to find and snack on something lying around. Which is just what he was doing as this photo was taken. Goodbye Angus, dear old friend.

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April 24, 2012

Darwin says goodbye - March 25, 2012

Darwin has gone to join his Namesake. He was a good boy, a good dog, a friend of mine, always happy to see me; always with this mom, running at the Pond.

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