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October 22, 2007

Reservoir Dogs

A book of photos and short stories about 200+ dogs that walk around the reservoir at Fresh Pond Reservation in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Richard Gardner, publisher of this blog, is the author.

Two versions of the book are available. For $49.95 you can see all dogs in full color on glossy high quality paper.

The black & white version is $19.95, and is printed on standard quality paperback book stock.

Both books include a color cover. Click either link below to see part of the book.



Books can be purchased with a credit card or via a PayPal account.

Books are printed one-off and take about a week to print. Delivery is usually by USPS but they do provide expedited printing and shipping.

Questions and comments can be emailed to:

October 21, 2007

A Hero Dog

The story is that Max saved a man from drowning in freezing ice water where said man had fallen into the previously mentioned icy water (as it was winter) while working as a dog walker and trying to rescue some dogs who had broken through the winter ice. So Max got close to the man in the water and let the man grab his coat in order to help him get out of the freezing water. Max is a hero dog.

October 12, 2007

Small, but VERY fast...

Odessa (seal & white) and Rose (red & white) are Italian Greyhounds.

While small and fragile looking, they are SO fast that they appear to be little more than a blur at top speed.

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